Saturday, October 17, 2020

Review: To Marry a Texas Cowboy (Wishing, Texas Book 4) by Julie Benson


She lives by a set of rules. He aims to break each one.

When Zane Logan returns to Wishing, Texas, he’s shocked to learn that his grandmother has hired an assistant to manage her wedding planning business as she heals from surgery. With five marriages between his parents, just the thought of weddings breaks him out in hives. To look out for his grandmother’s financial interests, Zane takes charge. He doesn’t trust easily, especially when the assistant is prettier than a Texas spring day.

Childhood taught McKenna Stinson an important rule: never count on anyone but yourself. She dreams of working hard to have her own business. Stepping in for a successful wedding planner in a small town known for big weddings is the perfect opportunity...until her employer’s grandson announces he’s the new boss. He’s cynical about love and knows nothing about weddings—so why is she falling for him?

Even worse, Zane's so hot McKenna has to make up two new rules: don’t date a man more attractive than you and never, ever, date a man you work with.


My Review:

A sweet opposites attract romance. 

Wishing, Texas, is a small town with a legendary wishing well.  Wishes made there came true. Virginia Logan made a wish for her grandson, Zane, to learn to trust, let go of the past, and for him to find love.

When Zane came back to Wishing to help his grandmother run Lucky Star Weddings, while she recovered from surgery, he never expected to fall for the wedding planner, McKenna.  The woman was strong-willed and stubborn and had a rule for everything. 

McKenna had set goals for her life and she didn’t have time for much of a personal life or romance and certainly didn’t need a good-looking man helping her do her job, especially when every time she turned around some woman was throwing herself at him.  McKenna and Zane were as opposite as two people could be.  They butt heads on a lot of things, but the more they worked together, they more they learned about each other, the closer they grew.  Maybe they could find a little time for romance after all. 

I instantly connected with McKenna and Zane because of their pasts, both had gone through things that left them leery of the world.  I enjoyed seeing how they overcame those obstacles and learned to trust and love.  This was an easy story story to get lost in with great writing and descriptions that felt real.  It is part of a series but can be read as a stand-a-lone. 


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