Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Review: A Merry Texan Christmas (Prentice Brothers of Sweet Ridge, #3) by Nicole Flockton

This former all-star never knew Christmas could be so competitive.

Former baseball star Trey Prentice is happily adjusting to life as a bookstore owner in his hometown of Sweet Ridge, Texas. While he loved his competitive and elite lifestyle in New York, he craved a quiet life with friends and family more. As Christmas approaches, Trey is excited to decorate his newest venture and participate in the town’s holiday traditions. He never expected to find himself battling Sweet Ridge’s very own Miss Christmas. Game on.

The only thing librarian Maggie Watson loves more than books is Christmas. She’s even earned the nickname of Miss Christmas because she decorates shop windows and spreads Christmas cheer around town. But this year she’s got some competition. No way is she going to let the cocky Trey Prentice take away her Christmas crown, even though he makes her heart flutter.

When their verbal sparring turns to flirting, Maggie finds there’s more to life than books and Christmas. But will her past insecurities steal her newfound happiness?


My Review:

A sweet small-town romance

Retired baseball player, Trey Prentice, has finally returned to his hometown, Sweet Ridge, Texas.  He is settling down with his newly-found love, books.  He recently bought the town’s book store and is enjoying his new quiet, simple life.  When Trey’s elaborate Christmas window display gets everyone’s attention, Maggie Watson, becomes upset.  She is the window dresser in Sweet Ridge and now she is afraid the shop owners might want to hire Trey instead of her.  Maggie needs the work as her job at the high school library is on the line.  

When Trey and Maggie are seen together, rumors fly about a possible romance.  When they get hired to do a display together, those rumors become reality.  But is it enough to keep them together when Trey is tempted back into playing baseball again? 

As with the other Prentice Brothers books, I was quickly hooked on this story.  Trey and Maggie had a few hurdles they needed to overcome in order for their love to grow, but together they were able to overcome anything that got in their way.  If you like sweet small-town stories with great family dynamics, this book is for you.   

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