Friday, October 9, 2020

Review: Picture This Deanna Martinez-Bey


Carmen Sloan was married at a young age to a man she knew she would spend the rest of her life. She owned her own home, was attending college, and was quickly moving towards the life of her dreams.

After her husband Joe becomes sick, Carmen finds herself living an unrecognizable life, dealing with guilt and sadness daily. Walking to work at a pizza shop to wait tables, while her husband sat holed up in their home, was not the vision she had for her future.

A series of selfish decisions bring Carmen to a place of darkness. Dark secrets begin to wear on her, so she decides to admit her secrets to her husband, the one she used to love more than herself.

Just as Carmen makes a fresh start and life begins to bring her peace, an ugly part of her past drags her back into darkness. Will a broken heart be the death of her?

Picture This is a story of love, strength, secrets, darkness, and new beginnings.


My Review:

An inspiring story of self-discovery.

Sometimes, a person that you think you know well, is not who they really are.  Carmen Sloan discovers this when her marriage falls apart and she decides to move on.  This story follows Carmen through the end of her marriage and how she picks up the pieces and decides to live her dream of becoming a professional photographer and through her personal relationships.

My heart went out to Carmen with all she went through.  Just as she thought things were going great, she seems to get let down.  The author wrote this story in a way where it felt so real; like maybe it really is someone’s true story.  It is an inspiring journey that brings hope to what seems like an impossible situation.  



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