Thursday, March 21, 2019

Review: Tess (Outback Brides of Wirralong Book 2) by Victoria Purman

Can a town known for “I do,” change her “I don’t?”

Up and coming American winemaker Tess Harrison is temporarily working at an Australian vineyard where her family now has a financial stake. She’s excited to make her mark away from her dominant family and the outback’s premier organic winery seems like the perfect training ground. One problem: No one told her the small town Wirralong was a premier wedding destination, and every time tomboy Tess turns around she’s confronted with white dresses, trails of petals, gleaming gold rings and starry-eyed kissing couples promising forever. When a new hire upends Tess’ careful plans for her life and her career, she find herself reluctantly re-thinking her dislike for the M word.

Tall, dark and rugged-looking Australian Connor Hawker has just been hired as the new Irrigation Manager at an organic vineyard. This new job was meant to be a fresh start, far away from South Australia and the small church where he was dumped at the altar by his French fiancée. He wants nothing more than to be laser-focused on his new job, except he finds himself distracted by the talented, cheerful, and ambitious blonde winemaker from California. Soon their no-strings fling becomes far more complicated, and Connor wonders if another woman–with life plans across an ocean will again leave him alone.

Can Connor trust in love again and will Tess realize it’s not the wedding she needs, but the love of a man like Connor.

My Review:

The town of Wirralong, Australia, is known for being a wedding destination.  Newcomers, Tess Harrison and Conner Hawker feel they don’t belong in a place that caters to weddings and everywhere they turn its flowers, dresses and brides. 

Tess grew up being a tomboy and has winemaking on her mind.  She doesn’t need a man in her life for anything.  Conner was dumped by his girlfriend minutes before they were supposed to be married.  So, he is scarred from that and still isn’t interested in dating.  But, when Conner gets a job as the irrigation manager at Matthews Wines and meets Tess, he soon finds himself wanting to get to know Tess better.  Tess couldn’t get Conner off her mind either.  They soon find themselves caught up in a romance that shouldn’t have happened. Tess is only in Australia for a few weeks and then she is headed back home to her family winery in California.  How can they make a relationship work when they live half a world away from each other? 

As with the other Outback Brides books, I enjoyed this story quite a bit.  Tess and Conner were very likeable and even with their differences and flaws they turned out to be good for each other.  The build up to their romance took a little time, but once they got together things really heated up.  I also liked the camaraderie between all of Tess’s friends and how they have each other’s backs when one needs some advice or encouragement.  I would definitely recommend this book because of the romance, friendships, Australia and of course the wine.     

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