Thursday, March 28, 2019

Review: Next Door Knight (Man's Best Friend Book 2) by Nicole Flockton

Can a dog heal two wounded souls?

Newly single Kerry Williams is at her wit’s end. She's juggling her injured father’s care, a new job as the manager of a hip new restaurant and her therapy dog Willow volunteering at the Veteran’s Center -- all while struggling to rise above her humiliating heartbreak. When her father's caretaker fails to show one evening, she’s terrified she’ll lose her job. And then Willow runs away. Panicked, Kerry gives chase and immediately runs smack into a tall, dark and sexy wall of muscle, palming a squirming bundle of fur. Her new hero seems like an answer to her prayers.

The last thing K-9 officer Caleb Bradshaw wants, is to babysit his neighbor's father and her dog. He’s facing a potential career-ending injury and grieving the death of his working partner, Trigger. Sure he can handle a cranky old man, but the quiet comfort of Willow who follows him around with liquid-eyed sympathy tugs at the heart he’s trying to keep walled-off after his many painful losses.

Kerry knows Willow can ease Caleb’s grief, but he continues to push her away. Even though her life is in shambles and she too should walk, Kerry knows she can’t and won’t. Will Caleb accept her help or will he close himself off completely?

My Review:

Kerry Williams and Caleb Bradshaw are brought together by Kerry’s therapy dog, Willow, who has found a way to sneak into Caleb’s back yard.  Willow eventually works her way into Caleb’s heart just like she does to everyone who meets her.  But, Caleb is set in his ways and content staying in his house not talking to anyone, especially not having to get out and return the dog to his neighbor.  He has PTSD and recovering from gunshot wounds that not only wounded him but killed his service dog, Trigger.  He doesn’t think he will ever be able to move past the tragedy that happened that day.

Kerry has finally gotten her life in order.  She left her abusive boyfriend and has her own place now where she is helping her father recover from a skiing accident that broke both of his legs.  She has a good job and enjoys taking Willow to the VA center, on her time off, to visit with the men there.  She didn’t expect to fall for Caleb when she met him, but there is just something about him that makes her heart melt once she gets to know him.

Willow is the match-making therapy dog who helps everyone.  I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.  She is the perfect little scene stealer.  I really enjoyed Kerry and Caleb’s story too and where the author took it.  I could tell a lot of research had been put into the writing of this book.  It felt very true to life.   

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