Sunday, April 1, 2018

Review: Resisting the Doctor (Marietta Medical #2) by Patricia W. Fischer

After being hired as the temporary director of Marietta Medical ER, Dr. Lucy Davidson meticulously plots the course she wants the quickly growing facility to take. She’s laser-focused, determined to prove herself worthy to become the permanent director. No distraction will sway her…not even the brilliant and disturbingly handsome new Emergency Room physician, Thomas McAvoy.

Fulfilling a promise, Thomas has come to Marietta to help the woman who saved his life then leave as soon as possible. Still sustaining injuries from the near fatal attack, he realizes how much he appreciates the slower pace of his temporary assignment at a rural hospital. It’s a soothing balm after years in an hectic urban ER.

The charm of Marietta and the friendliness of his colleagues lure Thomas into thinking he might like to make his temporary position permanent, especially since he and Lucy have become closer. As their relationship begins to heat up, Thomas realizes Lucy is everything he dreamed of in a life partner, and he can’t imagine letting her go. But when they both realize they are up for the same promotion, will they be able to keep their personal and professional lives separate?

My Review: 

Two new doctors, Dr. Lucy Davidson and Dr. Thomas McAvoy, start out butting heads in Marietta Medical ER when it comes to a drunk driving accident victim.  But they soon find themselves becoming attracted to each other which might not be the best idea since they work together.  

Lucy and Thomas are both working temporary positions at Marietta Medical.  Lucy is working as the temporary director and if everything goes as planned, she could soon see herself in a permanent position.  But it seems someone is out to make her job more difficult.  Thomas is the new emergency room physician.  He is only in town until he finishes helping his friend Jade make repairs to her father’s house before she sells it.  When things start heating up with Lucy, Thomas just might change his plans and stay in Marietta.  

This was a good story, but in the beginning, during the ER scene, I spent a lot of time googling words.  I don’t know anything about doctors, hospitals or medical terminology.  So, it did slow me down a little bit.  But once I got past that part the story started to flow really well.  I can tell the author has a lot of medical knowledge or did thorough research to get details like that.  I liked how Lucy and Thomas were both stubborn and set in their ways and how they eventually found a way to put their differences aside to get to know each other.  There are also some very steamy intimate scenes in this book too.  I look forward to reading the rest of this series. 

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