Thursday, March 15, 2018

Review: Take a Chance on Me (Miracle on Chance Avenue Book 3) by Jane Porter

 Savvy stylist Amanda Wright loves Marietta, her hair salon, and her clients, and no client is more dear to her heart than eighty-year-old Bette Justice–even if her years have made her a little fragile. So when Bette asks Amanda to help her convince her determined grandson, Tyler, a successful game designer, that Marietta is the right home for Bette, Amanda can’t say no.

Tyler Justice has a one-track mind–he wants to take care of his beloved grandmother. He can’t understand her resistance to move to Texas and is sure that the young friend she keeps mentioning–Amanda–is taking advantage of his grandmother’s generosity. He reaches Marietta determined to put the salon owner in her place and bring his grandmother home…until smart, kind Amanda starts to tug at his heart in ways he never expected.

But just as Tyler and Amanda start to form a real connection, will a long-buried family secret destroy their chance at love?

My Review:

When Tyler Justice caught wind of his grandmother's plan to leave an inheritance to a young woman in her town, he knew he had to get to Marietta, Montana fast.  But what Tyler found, instead of a conniving gold digger, was a sweet hard working lady who considered his grandmother, Bette, to be one of her best friends.

Amanda Wright was a beauty salon owner with big dreams. When a handsome guy comes in for a cut one day, she instantly becomes friends with him not knowing he is really Bette's son who plans to get her to move to Texas with him.  Amanda is devastated when she finds out the truth.

Bette had a plan of her own and she had already set it into motion.  She is thrilled when she finds out Amanda and Tyler finally started dating.  But, a secret from the past soon threatens their new relationship.  Now it's up to Bette and Amanda's family to get Amanda to realize Tyler is the perfect man for her.

This is a heartwarming story that will remind you of the power of love and family and that not all secrets are bad.  I really enjoyed this story.  The characters felt real with their goals, values and opinions.  If you like a sweet small town romance, I would recommend this book. 

My favorite quote:
We all have faults.  And for your information, I never expected you to be perfect.

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