Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Review: The Jingle Bell Bride (Christmas Brides Book 2) by Scarlet Wilson

New York wedding planner Jessica Christie always goes above and beyond for her clients. So, stopping in Alaska to pick up the famed Jingle Bell flower for her famous client's bouquet doesn't seem too outrageous–until she ends up stranded there.

Matt Holden has spent the last five years since his fiancée died, living in a virtual bubble in Alaska. His research work as a botanist and assistant at the local reindeer farm keep him busy during the holidays.

But when Jessica Christie bursts into his life, all bets are off. Her stay is definitely temporary, but the feelings she ignites aren't. Could Ms. Oh-So-Wrong actually be Mrs. Right?

My Review:

Planning a wedding for a demanding reality star can be a challenge on its own.  But when the star decides she wants a rare jingle bell flower, and the only place one can be found is in Alaska, Jessica Christie sets off to get it before heading to the wedding in London.  Only, Jessica didn't anticipate being stranded in Corona Creek, Alaska when a snow storm shuts down the airports.

Matt Holden moved to Corona Creek three years ago after losing his fiance.  It was the perfect place to start his life over again.  He was happy with his life as a botanist, studying plants and flowers at the university, and helping his neighbors Mary and David on their reindeer farm. 

When Matt met Jessica at the airport and found out no planes would be leaving until the snow storm passed, he decided to let Jessica stay with him until the airport opened again.  He didn’t expect to find himself interested in the workaholic New Yorker.  And she seemed to be interested in him too until he took matters in his own hands after finding a secret project that she was working on.  Will Jessica be able to forgive Matt for wheat he did, or will she leave on the next plane and never look back?

This book whisked me away to a magical place.  All of the details really brought the story to life.  Jessica and Matt were the perfect couple in this sweet romance.  I was cheering them on as I read the book. 

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