Monday, May 16, 2016

Scandal with the Rancher (Whiskey River) by Julia Justiss - Review


After building a trading empire, establishing Whiskey River, and charming most of the females south of the Pedernales, Ronan "Booze" Kelly finds himself restless. Until his idea to start a ranch leads him to widowed rancher Marguerite McMasters. The Tejana beauty claims she’ll never sell her land—or succumb to the fiery connection between them.

Marguerite will let nothing stop her from realizing her dream of running a horse-breeding ranch—not lack of money, and certainly not her strong attraction to Booze Kelly. Much as she misses a man’s embrace, a schoolmarm can’t risk everything she has for him.

But there’s nothing Booze loves more than a challenge, whether it’s a new enterprise to begin—or a lady to beguile. Despite her convictions, can Marguerite continue to resist Booze—or will Booze be exactly what she never knew she was missing?

My Review:

A passionate affair turns into happily ever after. 

Ronan “Booze” Kelly could have any woman he wanted.  But once he set his eyes on the widow Marguerite McMasters, no other woman would do.  Marguerite is a proper lady and though she feels the attraction to Booze, she resists him to save her reputation.  Booze was known for having a wondering eye when it came to women.  Everyone in knows he will never settle down and get marry. 

Marguerite had a dream and she wouldn't let anything get in the way.  When Marguerite and her husband Aiden moved to Whisky River, they planned to start breeding horses.  After Aiden died, Marguerite worked hard to keep their dream alive. 

It was a big mistake when Marguerite gave in to her temptation to Booze when he came out to visit her one day.  Marguerite didn't want a bad reputation as it would ruin her teaching career.  But it was too late when spiteful Lydia sees Booze kiss Marguerite.  After that, Lydia sets out to ruin Marguerite any way she can, turning the townspeople against her and causing her to lose her job.  How far will Booze go to protect Marguerite?  Will he be able to convince her that he is a changed man and wants to marry her? 

As a fan of the Whiskey River series, I was excited to read Booze Kelly's story to see how it all started out.  This is a very well written story.  It answered a lot of questions that I had about Booze's legacy.  If you have read any of the other books in the series, you don't want to miss this one. 

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