Monday, May 2, 2016

Cowboys Don't Quit (Tanner Brothers Book 2) by Anne McAllister - Review


Cowboy on the Run . . .

Once upon a time Luke Tanner had it all. Well, almost all. Then a Hollywood stunt gone wrong stole his best friend -- and Luke knows it was all his fault. He could have stopped it, should have stopped it.

Jillian Crane doesn't agree. When she tracks her late fiancĂ©’s best friend to his Colorado mountain hideaway, she is determined to make Luke start living again. She doesn't know she's the last person on earth Luke wants to see. And she certainly doesn't anticipate the feelings she develops for Luke ... nor realize how deep Luke's are for her.

But can they get over the past they share? And even if Jill can forgive him, can Luke ever forgive himself?

The Tanner Brother series
Book 1: Cowboys Don't Cry
Book 2: Cowboys Don't Quit
Book 3: Cowboys Don't Stay

My Review: 

It was all his fault.  At least Luke Tanner, cowboy/stunt double, thought so.  He lost his best friend when he insisted on doing his own stunt which went very wrong.  Luke is in hiding and still mourning the loss of Keith and is back to doing what he knows best, being a cowboy.

Luke’s memories are quickly brought back to the surface when Keith’s fiancĂ© Jillian Crane shows up looking for him.  She is writing a book and needs Luke’s help.  She also wants to help Luke start living again.  She knows Luke wasn’t responsible for Keith’s death.

Luke was once tempted by Jillian, but swore he would never give into his feelings.  Jillian didn’t expect to fall for Luke the way she has.  Will they be able to move away from the tragic past and move forward with the attraction they have for each other? 

Great character development and writing keep this book entertaining.  You can tell the writer did a lot of research for her book.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story. 

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