Monday, March 14, 2016

The Art of Us by Teri Wilson - Review


Harper Higgins, art history professor and Vincent van Gogh scholar, doesn’t need a man. She needs an artist. Fast. The art show she’s counting on to secure her tenure is in trouble.

So when she collides with a ruggedly handsome man carrying a basket of violets on a rainy night in Boston, she thinks she's found her miracle. Cynical, brooding ex-soldier Tom Stone can paint. And he’s quite good. He just needs Harper’s artistic touch.

But once she talks him into pretending he’s a long-lost descendant of van Gogh, the trouble really begins. As the art opening draws near, their identities—both real and imagined—hang in the balance. The student becomes the master as Tom teaches Harper that passion is its own work of art...

My Review:

Two completely opposite people brought together by their love of art. 

Harper Higgins is up for a promotion.  The success of a scheduled an art show is what she is depending on to help her get the job.  When her artist suddenly ends up in jail, she scrambles to find a replacement.  She soon finds out Tom Stone, a man she recently met, is an artist and she asks him to show his paintings in her show.  Harper fabricates details about Tom's background to make him sound more interesting to impress her boss.  Against his better judgment, Tom decides to go along with it to help Harper. 

Tom, an ex-soldier who lives on a boat in Boston Harbor and walks dogs for extra money, learned to paint while recovering in the hospital from an injury he received in Iraq.  He paints as a hobby to relax and to forget.  He had no intentions of ever showing his work to anyone until Harper came along.  Will Harper and Tom be able to keep up with the story long enough to pull off the art show? 

This is an interesting and informative book.  I admit I didn't know much about art before reading this book.  The premise and book cover intrigued me.  I thoroughly enjoyed Harper and Tom's story.  It was a memorable romance. 


  1. Replies
    1. It was good and totally different from most Tule books. It had a totally different feel to it.

  2. great review. i love the cover. it looks more like chick lit.

    1. Thanks! It does look more like a chick lit cover. That's got my attention. It kind of borders on the edge of chick lit, but it's mostly romance.