Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: Return to Silver Bay by Lara Van Hulzen


Maggie Mitchell returns to her hometown of Silver Bay expecting to bury her father, her past, and move on. But when Josh Harden, her high school sweetheart, shows up, her world gets turned around.

Drawn to Josh, but afraid of their history, Maggie’s head tells her she can handle things alone, but her heart says otherwise.

Recognizing a second chance when he sees one, Josh is determined to win Maggie’s heart once more and show her that she can trust love and begin again.

My Review: 

An inspirational story about family secrets and first loves reconnecting.

Returning home to Silver Bay to prepare her family home for sale, Maggie Mitchell fights her emotions and the pull towards her high school boyfriend, Josh Harden.  She thought being back in Silver Bay would tear her down again like her father did. Instead, she was reminded of the girl she used to be.  The girl Josh saw when he looked at her.  The girl she wanted to be again.

Even though Maggie left town shortly after the night her father burst into the school dance and made Maggie leave with him, Josh Never stopped loving her.  There has only been one girl he could ever love and that girl was Maggie.   How far will Josh go to convince Maggie to give him a second chance?

While going through her mother's things, Maggie comes across a stack of letters revealing a secret of her mother’s past.  Maggie was adopted.  She gets the surprise of her life when she finds out her biological mother lives in Silver Bay and is someone she already knows.

I enjoyed all of the facets of this story.  Each character held an important part in the book without getting lost or making the book confusing.  The characters were well defined and the plot moved along nicely.   

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