Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: Falling Hard (Falling for the Freemans Book 2) by Kate Hewitt


He didn’t want complications. She was looking for a miracle.

Quinn Freeman has spent his life avoiding the dangers of commitment, but his reluctant return to his home town that’s in tragedy for his family stirs up memories and emotions he’d intended to leave buried. His arrival lights hope in many hearts including one long dormant.

Meghan O’Reilly, the town’s only plumber and solo caretaker of her dependent sister, is weighted down with responsibility. She only sees in Quinn a careless charmer who isn’t used to hard work—but she still can’t keep from imagining his kiss... and longing for his touch.

Surely some things, like a fling between them, can be simple... Or is it possible for a fling to become forever?

My Review:

Creighton Falls was once a happening town.  People loved living there and tourists would stop by to enjoy everything the town had to offer.  After a tragic accident resulting in a death, the Freeman family closed their hotel and left town.  The town's residents have struggled to survive since then.

Quinn Freeman has no memories before his family left Creighton Falls when he was six years old.  It's been over twenty years and his mother has decided it's finally time to sell the hotel.  Quinn has returned to see what it will take to get the hotel ready for the sale.  Little did Quinn realize, returning to his childhood hometown would bring back some long forgotten memories along with a new appreciation for the town and its residents. 

Meghan O’Reilly, Creighton Falls only plumber, has lived there all her life.  She loves her town, but as everyone there knows, the closure of the hotel has taken a toll on the town.  People lost their jobs, businesses closed and tourists stopped visiting.  She is excited about the opportunity to help out at the hotel and hopes it will help bring the town back to what it once was. 

When Meghan and Quinn give into the attraction that is growing between them, they decide it can only be a fling.  Quinn will be leaving Creighton Falls as soon as he finishes the hotel renovations.  And with Meghan raising her special needs sister, she is afraid to get too close to anyone.  Too many people have walked away in her life and she doesn't want to go through that again. 

This is an emotionally charged story to pulls you in from the start.  I enjoyed the growing romance between Meghan and Quinn and how hard Meghan worked to keep Polly safe and happy. The book was written in a way that pulls you into the story and makes you feel as if you are part of it.   

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