Thursday, January 12, 2023

Review: The Texas Cowboy's Lady (Texas Heritage #2) by Debra Holt

Which shines brighter: Hollywood lights or the Texas stars?

Laurel Burkitt, who owns half of the mega-ranching empire known as the Aces High, shook the Texas dirt off her stilettos a long time ago. She’s all about high fashion, sleek cars, and adding movie awards to her shelves. No dark-eyed, sexy, hard-driving, country-living cowboy is going to rope her into being his country darlin’…as long as her brain keeps control over the traitorous yearnings of her heart.

Jaxson Hawkes, foreman of the Aces High, was born to the saddle and to being a cowboy all his days. So it took him a while to finally bare his soul to the spitfire he grew up adoring. He expected Laurel to choose between him and Texas and her dream of California gold. Her choice broke his heart.

Now Laurel’s back and her ideas of merging California with Texas aren’t sitting too well with Jaxson. There’s a showdown coming between them, and when the dust clears, will he send her packing on that shiny plane once and for all? Or will the lady claim the cowboy’s heart for good?


My Review: 

An entertaining second chance romance. 

Laurel Burkitt made it big in Hollywood, but her heart was still in Texas.  With a plan in place, it was finally time to head back home.  But Laurel isn’t going home alone.  She is bringing a fiancé with her.  Laurel’s fiancé isn’t what it seems.  He is a part of another plan that no one can know about until it is time. 

Jaxson Hawkes never forgot a Laurel. He could never love another woman like he loved her.  But when Laurel comes home with another man, Jaxson decides it just might be time to move on.  But it may not be as easy as he thinks when all he can think about is Laurel and how something just doesn’t seem right between her and her fiancé.

This was a great addition to the Texas Heritage series.  I enjoyed seeing how Laurel and Jaxson found their way back together. 


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