Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Review: Honolulu Cold Homicide by R. Barri Flowers

His latest case is a link to the past
And a cold case that’s all too personal…

When a new case carries echoes of his sister’s cold case murder, Detective Sergeant Lance Warner is visited by another ghost from the past. Caroline Yashima isn’t only the CJD specialist assigned to work alongside him, she’s also the ex he regrets walking away from. He’s not sure if he can expect a second chance—or just a chance for closure. But when Caroline becomes a target, he knows that he doesn’t want to live without her.


My Review:

An intriguing romantic suspense.

A serial killer is loose in Honolulu.  Former lovers, Detective Sergeant Lance Warner and Cold Case Investigator Caroline Yashima, are reunited after a new murder mimics the murder of Lance’s sister from twenty years ago.  Lance is on the new case and Caroline has been given the cold case to see if she can solve it.  Together, they find the similarities and hunt down the killer.  As they investigate, more victims are discovered.  Lance and Caroline work hard to find the killer before any more women are killed.  They also take a little time to rediscover the love they used to have for each other.  Once the killer is caught, they just might be able to pick up where they left off in their relationship.

This is the first book by this author that I have read and I have to admit, he has a way of telling a story that had me hooked.  I couldn’t wait to see who the killer was and I couldn’t wait to see how Lance and Caroline would find their way back to each other.  I will definitely be checking out more books by this author.   


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