Monday, January 23, 2023

Review: Charming the Billionaire Cowboy (The Accidental Billionaire Cowboys #2) by Kris Bock


For the first time, his cowboy charms seem to backfire… 
With his Texas ranching family’s lottery win, TC Tomlinson is finally able to build a ranch with alternative livestock. TC has a lot to prove, starting with his new ostrich herd, so when he catches a beauty scooping up an escaped baby bird, TC chases her down, assuming she wants to meet him for his money.

When Hallie Armstrong sees the injured baby ostrich, she jumps into professional mode. A former vet tech, she’s moved to Last Stand to work at her aunt's wildlife rescue and heal from an attack. She’s skittish of the handsome cowboy, but when he starts to flirt, she decides two can play at this game—the rescue needs fundraising, and TC is an eligible bachelor.

As they brainstorm ideas for a bachelor auction and work to solve the mystery of local sheep attacks, TC finds himself falling for the feisty cowgirl. But when he learns she’s still in danger, his protective instincts threaten to drive Hallie away. Can TC convince Hallie she can have her independence and him too?
My Review:

I love these characters and their story.

After an attack left Hallie Armstrong with a brain injury, she moved from Houston to Last Stand to recover and help her aunt with her wild animal rescue, where they helped wolves, mountain lions and bears, just to name a few. 

TC Tomlinson’s family won big on the lottery and now he is living his dream of raising bison, ostrich and llamas on his ranch.  He wasn’t quite sure what to think of Hallie when they first met.  At first, he thought she was trying to steal on of his baby ostriches that had escaped.  Could it all be an act and she was just after him because he was rich?  TC started to fall for Hallie after getting to know her better, but he wasn’t sure how to go about making a move as he was trying to protect her after the incident in Houston left her weary of men.  With a little compassion and patience from TC, him and Hallie finally get their happily ever after. 

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next installment in the series.   

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