Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Review: Homecoming and Homicide (The Wannabe Sleuth #2) by Jody Holford


She doesn’t remember high school being so complicated…or as deadly.

Rainbow Falls newcomer Annie Abbott is finally feeling settled in town with her veterinarian boyfriend and their two curious kittens. The local high school is raising money for their drama program and, eager to help, Annie volunteers for the carnival’s photo booth, using her graphic design skills to create fun backdrops and mentor a group of students. The only dark cloud is a run in with an unpleasant teacher who’s critical of her teenage neighbor, Tate, and his girlfriend.

On the night of the carnival, Annie discovers the not-so-nice teacher dead. She and her motley crew of murder club sleuths leap into action to help clear her own name along with Tate’s. Luckily for both of them, there are plenty of suspects who had it out for the victim. Complicating Annie’s illicit investigation further? A mystery stalker with a vendetta against her.

As Annie and her friends chase clues, it’s becoming increasingly clear that not everyone is happy with her decision to make Rainbow Falls her home.
My Review: 
Small town.  Big mysteries.
New Rainbow Falls resident, Annie Abbott, has her hands full once again.  Not only has Annie discovered another murder victim, a teacher from the high school, but she also has someone possibly trying to run her out of town.  Even though Annie has been warned to stay out of police business, she still sets out to try to solve the crimes on her own.  
This was a fun book and it kept me guessing until the very end.  I also enjoyed seeing how Annie’s new friendships and relationship with Ben, the town vet, were coming along. 

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