Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Review: Christmas in Angel Harbor by Jeannie Moon

This Christmas, she’s hoping for a miracle…

Twenty-five years ago, Jane Fallon put her rising career on hold to take over her family’s bookstore after the death of her father. Throughout the years, she’s transformed Angel Harbor Books into a place of comfort for her and her daughter, but when her landlord announces the building has been sold, Jane is faced with sudden uncertainty. If the bookstore is gone, what will she do?

As a young man, Dan Gallo couldn’t get out of Angel Harbor fast enough. Now a best-selling novelist, Dan returns home after a tragedy derails his career. His first stop is his favorite teenage hangout—the local bookstore. It’s almost exactly how he remembers it. But the girl who once worked there is now a beautiful woman whose smarts and spirit inspire him to write again, and open his heart to new possibilities.

With her world threatening to fall apart, Dan hopes that with the help of the town—and some Christmas magic—he can get Jane to see how important she is to the people of Angel Harbor…and him.


My Review:

A heartwarming second chance romance

Jane Fallon has a lot on her mind lately.  The holidays are quickly approaching.  The lease on her book store lease is up for renewal, but she hasn’t heard anything about it yet.  Her mother is getting ready to move and her daughter is about to leave for collage.  The one thing she didn’t plan was for her old friend, Dan Gallo, who is now a popular author, to return to Angel Harbor.  When Jane sees Dan, all the old memories resurface.  She knows she can’t get involved with him again.  He broke her heart once and he is only in town temporarily.  But Jane has a hard time not thinking about him. 

Dan needed inspiration for his new novel and knew he could find it in Angel Harbor.  Maybe the old table in the corner of Harbor Books, where his love for writing all started, would be just what he needed.  When he saw Jane was running the store now, he discovered another reason to be in Angel Harbor.  He never stopped loving Jane.  With a little Christmas magic, Dan and Jane just might have their second chance. 

This book was beautifully written.  Jane and Dan were perfect for each other but just needed a little help getting their romance started.  I really liked that they are in their 50s too.  They were easier for me to relate to.  The descriptions of the town and book store were easy to visualize.  I also liked how when Jane needed help, the town was there to support her.  This is the kind of book that I would love to see turned into a movie. 


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