Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Review: Boyfriends of Christmas Past by Edie Grace

A magical, modern-day Christmas Carol

Digital designer Emma Wallace is finally poised for her big break: kitchenware giant Johnson Cookware is looking to rebrand – and with Christmas around the corner, Emma’s long-held philosophy of work-before-play may just give her the edge she needs to win the account.

The only peppermint twist in her Scrooge-worthy plan? She’s promised her ever-patient, architect boyfriend Sam Cole that after spending the last three Christmases in her office instead of in his arms, she’ll make this holiday just about the two of them. But as Christmas Eve draws near and the deadline crunch threatens her promise to Sam, Emma finds herself visited by three boyfriend “ghosts” of Christmases past, who come bearing the gift of hindsight.

Will showing Emma her past romantic failures, as well as her early courtship with Sam, help her to see the path to true happiness in time to save her future?

My Review:

A fun twist on the classic Christmas tale, A Christmas Carol.

Emma Wallace had been dating Sam Cole for three years.  But during those years, Emma always put her job first leaving Sam waiting and wondering when she would show up for their dates.  When Sam finally had enough, he broke up with Emma.  He wanted a woman who would be there when he needed her and would put more effort into their relationship.

Emma gets a serious wake-up call when several of her ex-boyfriends come to her in her dreams trying to convince her to change her workaholic ways before she loses Sam.  But is it already too late?

This was a fun quick read.  But even though it's short, the story didn't miss a beat.  It was sweet and fun and magical all rolled into one.  If you're looking for an inspirational holiday book, I would recommend this one.

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