Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hotel Hookup: San Francisco by Annabelle Snow - Review

Molly Roxbury travels to San Francisco for her company’s annual sales meeting, knowing she’ll feel right at home: a great city, personable coworkers, and plenty of planned events. Spending a week in Union Square and living in a hotel is going to be like returning to a posh adult summer camp.

And like all good camp memories, hers from one year ago involve Derek, her equal from another district with whom she shared some heavy flirting. This year, though, Derek is the one doing the talking. One morning of fun gives way to another. Molly's not sure if she’s willing to get involved…But Derek can be very persuasive.

Will they risk their professional lives to fulfill their personal one behind closed doors?

The Hotel Hookup series
Book 1: Hotel Hookup: Austin
Book 2: Hotel Hookup: San Francisco
Book 3: Hotel Hookup: Chicago

Book 4: Hotel Hookup: Miami

My Review: 

A passionate hookup between two workers at the company's annual sales conference in San Fransisco.

Molly Roxbury and Derek Watson met the previous year when they both attended their company conference and shared the honor of Rookie of the Year.  Molly was attracted to Derek, but knew he was married, so she settled for a friendship only.  This year Derek arrives and shares the news with Molly that he recently divorced.  There is no holding back when they share their free time getting to know each other intimately.  But in the end they both go their separate ways.

This is a quick read with a lot of sexual content.  The author did a good job bringing the characters to life and telling their stories.  I liked how Molly referred to the sales conference as summer camp for adults and says “what happens at summer camp, stays at summer camp”. 

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