Monday, February 27, 2017

A Spoonful of Sugar (The Bachelor Bake-Off Book 2) by Kate Hardy

Tyler Carter is a healthy-eating gym owner who doesn’t bake. When his employees enter him into a bake-off contest to raise money for Harry’s House, an after school space for kids commemorating local first responder Harry Monroe, he needs to learn–fast!

Shy special needs teacher Stacey Allman loves to bake and often dreams of sharing her confections with her uber fit, gorgeous neighbor. So when Tyler sets off his smoke alarm and explains his dilemma, she can’t resist the temptation of playing pastry chef tutor. He offers boxing lessons in exchange. More time together? Yes please,

But when Tyler’s ex comes back to Marietta asking for his help, will it derail Stacey and Tyler’s chance at love, or will it make them see that they’re the perfect fit?

My Review:

Tyler Carter was definitely not a cook.  But when some of his clients and staff at his gym entered him in the Bachelor Bake-Off, he had to learn to bake fast.  When he tries on his own, he ends up smoking up his apartment and causing the smoke alarm to go off. 

Stacey Allman had been living next to Tyler for about six months, but still didn’t know him very well.  The day Tyler set off the smoke alarm and Stacey goes to see if he needs help, Tyler explains his dilemma.  Stacey is more than willing to teach him to bake.  Spending time together leads them to an unexpected romance that neither one expected.  But when Tyler’s ex-girlfriend shows up, Stacey has to wonder if she made the right decision falling for Tyler. 

I have really been enjoying the Bachelor Bake-Off series and this one is no exception.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I liked how the author told Tyler and Stacey’s story and how they took their relationship slow.  Their backstory was very interesting too. 

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