Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Teaspoon of Trouble (Bachelor Bake-Off #1) by Shirley Jump - Review

Type-A chef Carolyn Henderson has walked away from her job at a trendy NYC restaurant after an abrupt family tragedy. Now, as a guardian to her four-year-old niece, Emma, and a very disobedient mutt – kids and dogs are so not her skill set – moving back to Marietta, Montana seems the best temporary option. But when confronted by her parents’ declining health, Carolyn has to face reality. And she’s going to need some serious help. So who better to ask than Matthew West, a blast from her high school past… and as hunky and helpful as ever.

Vet – and very eligible, if reluctant, Bachelor – Matthew West can’t believe his luck when his high school crush stumbles through his door. Dogs, kids, and gorgeous damsels in distress. Carolyn needs help with the pup, and he needs help whipping up delicious concoctions for the Bachelor Bake-Off. So she wants to make a deal: dog obedience lessons for cooking tips… but Matthew wants to broker quite a bit more…

My Review:

A sweet light hearted romance.

Carolyn and Matt dated in high school, but once they graduated, Carolyn left Marietta and never looked back.  She had bigger plans and her little hometown just couldn't fill them.  She had been living her life in New York City for the last ten years and working as a sous chef.

Carolyn is back in Marietta temporarily with her niece Emma who she was given guardianship after he sister and husband were killed in a car accident.  Carolyn doesn't know anything about raising children.  Emma also has a dog, Roscoe and she can't bear to part with.  Roscoe is in serious need of training. When he ends up sick, Carolyn takes him to the vet and to her surprise, the vet is no other than her high school boyfriend, Matt.

Matt was surprised to see Carolyn in his clinic.  He never forgot her and now that she was back in town, he will do anything to convince her to stay.  When Carolyn finds out Matt has signed up for the Bachelor Bake-Off and doesn’t know how to cook, she offers to teach him in exchange for obedience training for Roscoe.  They soon find themselves rekindling what they once had.  But Carolyn insists she is heading back to New York soon, so they can't get to serious.  How will Matt convince Carolyn to stay in Marietta and give their relationship a second chance?
This was a really sweet story and a wonderful start to a new series.  It is a well written and enjoyable novella.  Sometimes I find novellas can feel a bit rushed, but this one has enough details to make a great story without anything feeling like it was left out.  It is a perfect book for when you don't have a lot of time, but want a fulfilling story.


  1. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. This sounds like a second chance love story that I would LOVE! I've always wanted to read Shirley Jump. Gotta add this to my reading list.