Thursday, June 30, 2016

High Class (The VIP Desire Agency Book 2) by Mel Teshco - Review


Claire Davis has tried to give herself and her sisters a simple life since their mother died when she was eighteen. But appearances can be deceiving. She leads a complicated, double life as Scarlet, high class call girl, sleeping with billionaire businessmen to pay the bills. Falling in love has never been part of her plan, especially to a born heart-breaker.

Mackenzie Smitherson has one goal in life: make money, and lots of it. Except the one woman he pays to be with him also turns out to be the one woman whose heart isn’t available at any price. He wants more than her beautiful body…he wants all of her. Even if that means he has to open up his heart, and reveal his own dark past. But will Claire walk away to save her own heart before he has a chance?

My Review: 

A memorable love story.

Claire "Scarlet" Davis was the one woman Mackenzie Smitherson couldn't get out of his mind.  He wanted her exclusively for himself.  As one of Australia's richest men, he was used to getting what he wanted.  But Scarlet played hard to get and it only made Mackenzie want her even more.

After the death of her mother, Scarlet was left to raise her twin sisters on her own.  She became a high class call girl with The VIP Desire Agency and was doing well for herself, even paying for her sisters to go to university.  But when she wasn’t working, she just wanted to live a quiet normal life.  She didn’t need a man to take care of her and falling in love was definitely not in her plans.

Scarlet might be jaded with other men, but with Mackenzie, every look and touch was exciting.  Will Claire stop fighting her feelings long enough and realize Mackenzie is the man who could finally gave her a happily ever after? 

This fast paced book has a lot of depth to it.  Claire and Mackenzie had great chemistry and were more alike than they thought.  They both had less than ideal childhoods and both worked hard for what they had. They feared commitment, but once they gave in, they realized how much they brought out the best in each other.  This book contains very descriptive intimate scenes, so if you are not into that, you may want to skip the book.  If you are into it, you will really enjoy this story.