Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Driftwood Bride (Driftwood Bay Book 3) by Lenora Worth - Review


Melissa Sonnier is desperate to find her own happily ever after as she helps her sister celebrate her beach wedding in Driftwood Bay, but it’s difficult to move on and find love when she can’t let go of Judson Duvall, a boy she’s loved since middle school, even after their last break up in their on again, off again relationship. But as she watches her sister exchange her sacred vows, she sees Judson, waiting for her asking for one last chance. He vows he’s changed. Can she risk her heart one last time?

After his latest rodeo related injury Judson Duvall is ready to hang up his spurs and always a man of action, defies doctors and drives all night to reach the only woman he’s ever loved. He begs for one last chance and is prepared to do anything to win back Melissa’s love. He claims he’s changed, but is it enough or is it too late?

The Driftwood Bay series
Book 1: Driftwood Cowboy
Book 2: Driftwood Hero
Book 3: Driftwood Bride

My Review: 

A heartfelt story about forgiveness and second chances.  You’ll find yourself cheering for Melissa and Judson as the rediscover the love that they had lost. 

Melissa Sonnier has many thoughts going through her head while she is at her sister’s wedding.  Both of her sisters have found the love of their lives and Melissa wonders if she will ever have the same happiness as her sisters.   

Judson Duvall is risking his recovery after a bull riding accident.  He has driven across four states to find Melissa and win her back.  He has finally given up the rodeo and ready to settle down.  He will do anything to show Melissa that he is a changed man.  Will Melissa be able to forget what happened in the past and give Judson another chance? 

Beautifully written and descriptive, this book is a great addition to the Driftwood Bay series.  Along with Melissa’s story, I also enjoyed catching up on her sisters Maddie and Michelle.