Wednesday, July 15, 2015

His Love (Summer in New York Book 3) by Jennifer Gracen Review


 Toni Westmore doesn’t do relationships. She has a demanding boss at her high end Soho art gallery job and an even more difficult and critical mother – who needs the mess of a relationship?

Enter Irish Doctor Gavin McKinnon, her friend’s brother, also known as the perfect summer fling: tall, muscled, smart, funny, definitely ready for a good time and stamped with an expiration date. He’ll go back to Ireland and his family medical practice in a few weeks and she’ll return to her real world and plan her next career move.

Gavin’s in town not only to visit his sister, but to try and heal his broken heart. He gets a little help when Toni, his sister’s friend and roommate, enters the picture. Inexplicably drawn to her, Gavin tries to remind himself to look but not touch, but Toni is hard to resist… and when she offers him a no strings fling, how could he say no?

But as Gavin’s departure date looms, Toni realizes that her sexy summer fling is anything but. And she was sure she could kiss Gavin goodbye with no regrets…

Will she attempt to break their no strings rule? Or will Gavin leave Long Island without looking back?

My Review: 

What happens when a summer fling turns into something much more?

Gavin McKinnon has traveled from Ireland to Long Island to spend some time with his sister at the beach house.  He wants to relax and have some fun before he starts the next phase of his career, becoming a pediatrician.  He didn't expect to fall in love with one of his sister's roommates.

Toni Westmore is stuck at a job that she hates.  She isn't much more than a glorified errand girl at the art gallery.  Her personal life isn't much more exciting either. She doesn't do relationships anymore because she is afraid they will end badly.  She fears men will turn out like her last controlling boyfriend.  But when she meets Gavin, she is more than ready for a summer fling.

When the fling turns to love, it's more than either of them bargained for.  How will their relationship work out if they don't even live in the same country?

This is a perfect escape in a book.  All of the characters were well defined and each scene flowed into the next really well.  It was a beautifully written story.

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