Friday, July 31, 2015

A Letter to My Cat by Lisa Erspamer Review


The follow-up to A Letter to My Dog takes on cats, with celebrities writing letters of love and gratitude to their beloved pet felines. Alluring, elusive, mysterious-the cats in our lives are not always easy to get to know. But as with all pets, they have unique personalities and stories to tell. Alongside beautiful four-color photos of their cats, A Letter to My Cat collects personal letters from celebrities offering love and gratitude for all that their cats bring to their lives.

My Review:

A must have book for any cat lover.

This book is filled with beautiful pictures and heartwarming letters written by celebrities to their favorite feline friends.  Some letters make you laugh while others will have you shedding a tear.  Each one is true from the heart and full of love. 

I couldn’t really pick a favorite letter because each one is unique and I enjoyed them all.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves cats

I wrote a letter to my best friend, Princess Leinani

My dearest Nani,

When I first met you, you were so tiny that I didn’t even know how to pet you.  I remember running my finger up and down your back and you seemed to relax as I did it.  You were the most beautiful little girl I had ever met.   I loved how you were always by my side.  You were my little shadow.  You taught me so much about love.  You will always be my special girl and I will never forget you.  I only wish we had more time together.  I was not ready for you to leave me.  You were too young and we had so many memories that we still needed to make.  My heart is still broken because you are not here with me.  One day I will hold you again and kiss your beautiful pink nose.

I will always love you, my precious Nani girl,
Your Mommy 

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