Thursday, May 21, 2015

Heir to a Secret by Melinda Richarz Lyons


East Texas native Addison Cameron is devastated after the sudden death of her husband of thirty years, Eric. Even more shocking is the discovery that she is an heir to a secret. On top of coping with deep grief, Addison must also face the challenge of uncovering the truth about Eric's hidden past.

On her journey Addison meets another widow, the colorful Miranda Jones, who helps unravel the mystery. But more important, Miranda's friendship encourages Addison to find life after death and have faith that it's never too late for happily ever after.

Their road to recovery takes them through the world of paper tripping and a dangerous encounter on a dark Texas lane. Along the way Addison and Miranda are entertained by boot scootin' cowboys, on-line senior matchups, rescue calls, "worth a second try guys" and jealous confrontations.

On Addison's quest to move ahead and embrace acceptance and forgiveness, she finds herself attracted to Private Investigator Todd Baker. His romantic nature and fabulous blue eyes have Addison wondering, "Is it possible to fall in love again and have hot sex after fifty?"

My Review:

An intriguing story about learning to live and love again along with discovering a hidden secret.

Recently widowed Addison Cameron is just going through the motions one day to the next until she meets Miranda Jones at the senior center’s dance class.  They quickly become good friends and someone for Addison to confide in about her recent discovery about her late husband. 

When Miranda introduces Addison to Todd Baker, a private investigator, they hit it off from the beginning.  Todd is more than happy to help Addison discover what her husband had been hiding.  When things go from business associates to lovers, will Addison be able to trust herself to love again? 

This is a must read book.  It has all the elements that make it entertaining; interesting characters, action and the mystery is one I never would have thought of.

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