Friday, May 22, 2015

Bound to the Sheikh (International Bad Boys Book 5) by Carol Marinelli


Sheikh Ashim Al Raquar, Crown Prince of Alzaquan, knows he must return to his country and leave his playboy reputation far behind him. It will be a wild journey home, though—he intends to party on his yacht right to the edge of the desert. And then he meets Emily, a corporate flight attendant who’s in the south of France hoping to find herself after years of taking care of her husband.

A sensual, charismatic lover with a reputed dark edge to his bedroom skills is the very last thing Emily needs.

Or is it the first?

My Review:

A beautiful love story set in exotic locations.

Sheikh Ashim Al Raquar, Crown Prince of Alzaquan is known for being a playboy with no plans on settling down.  He enjoys his partying lifestyle.  But now it is time to go home.  His father insists it is time for him to marry. 

Ashim meets Emily on the beach one night in Cannes.  They share two incredible days together.  His feelings towards Emily are stronger than just a fling  He has never felt this way about any woman in the past.  He wants her and he will do anything in order to keep her.  Will Ashim be able to convince Emily to go home with him and be his wife?  How will his father, the king, react when Ashim brings her home? 

I really enjoyed this book.  It writing was very well done and I could picture the scenes in my mind.          

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