Thursday, September 30, 2021

Review: The Texas Hero's Homecoming (Home to Texas, #3) by Charlene Sands


His final mission may be the most dangerous of all…to her heart.

Autumn Messina has finally put herself first and achieved her dream of becoming a teacher. She’s only sorry it’s come at the expense of having to sell the once thriving Messina Farm. Autumn loves her father and the farm, but she can’t do it all, and her brother has no plans to move back home. And then her brother’s best friend saunters back into her life even more handsome than she remembers and arrogantly full of plans and answers to questions she no longer wants to ask.

After exiting his special forces unit to return home to Last Stand, Sam Russell feels duty bound to help his best friend’s struggling family farm. He’s not expecting such fierce resistance in the form of a still-angry Autumn, who’s become even more beautiful and tempting in his years away.

Autumn doesn’t want his help, but Sam has never given up so easily. And what starts off as just doing his duty quickly becomes something much more personal.


My Review:

A sweet second chance at love.

When Sam Russell returns to Last Stand and discovers Messina Farm in disrepair, he vows to help them get back on track.  He owes it to his best friend, Joe Messina, who saved his life, while serving in the army in Afghanistan.  Joe’s sister, Autumn, doesn’t want Sam around.  She doesn’t want his help.  Sam is the man who broke her heart.  Autumn just wants to sell the farm and be done with it.  But first, she wants to hold one last Messina Farms Fall Festival.  As Autumn and Sam work together, they find themselves getting close again.  Will it be enough for love?

I found myself pulled into this story pretty quick.  Sam, recently dumped by his fiance, wasn’t ready for a relationship, and Autumn just didn’t want one with Sam.  So, it was fun to see how they overcame the hurt and found their way back together.  It sure wasn’t an easy road for them.  If you love a sweet romance, country life and family, you will enjoy this book. 

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