Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Review: The Sheriff and the Cowgirl (The Tremaynes of Texas Book 4) by Debra Holt



What happens when a tenacious sheriff takes on a determined cowgirl and her champion bull?

It’s never easy to make it in a man’s world, and cowgirl Tori Tremayne has chased the same dream most of her life—producing a champion bucking bull on the pro rodeo circuit. With her prize bull Maximus, she’s so close to winning top prize in the finals this year she can taste it. She can’t afford any distractions, especially not the tall, dark and swoony sheriff she’s admired all her life.

Sheriff Gray Dalton has been in love with Tori since they were kids. He doesn’t want to change Tori or derail her goals, but he does want to combine their dreams—build a life and family with her while she continues to pursue her career and passion. Gray knows he has to shake Tori up so that he can step out of the friend zone she’s so determined to keep him in.

Can Gray prove to Tori that with him she can have it all—career, love and a family?


My Review:

A perfect ending for the Tremaynes of Texas series.

Throughout this series, there was a hint of Tori and Gray’s relationship.  But, it really didn’t tell too much of their story; only enough to make me curious.  I was so glad to finally read their story and see them get the happy ending they deserved.  It sure took some time for them to get there and I started wondering if it would ever happen.

This is now my favorite of this series.  The author did a fabulous job wrapping it up. 

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