Thursday, September 2, 2021

Review: The Cowboy's Challenge (Montana Rodeo Brides, #2) by Sinclair Jayne

She needs a favor. He needs a bride.

Langston Carr is back in her hometown Marietta as the temporary event planner for the Graff Hotel. The first event on the calendar is the society wedding that should have been her big day with her loving groom, so when rodeo cowboy Bowen Ballantyne swaggers into the hotel, all hard-bodied and chivalrous, she thanks him the way any single woman needing to salve her pride would—she kisses him.

Bull rider Bowen Ballantyne thrives on competition, but this time his cowboy cousins have taken their one-upmanship challenge too far. He needs to find a bride by the end of the Copper Mountain Rodeo. Bowen’s never backed down from anything, so when former barrel racer Langston Carr, his tormentor from their teen years, propositions him, Bowen rockets up the heat.

A game of pretend between rivals…what could go wrong?


My Review:

An innocent challenge leads to love. 

I enjoyed returning to the Montana Rodeo Brides series.  The series is about the three Ballantyne cousins who are rodeo stars and have a love for their grandfather’s Montana ranch.  But now the ranch is in jeopardy of being sold.  The cousins come up with an idea to try and save the ranch that they planned on retiring to one day.  Maybe if they can prove to their grandfather that they are ready to settle down, he won’t sell.  This is how the game of the Rodeo Brides is invented.  Each cousin has to find a girl and propose to her in front of the family to get their grandfather to change is mind.

This is Bowen and Langston’s story.  They are old friends who meet again when Langston moves back to Marietta and takes the event planner position at the Graff Hotel.  Her first event just happens to be the wedding she spent so much time planning.  Her own wedding.  Only, Langston’s fiance is now marrying her cousin.  Langston asks Bowen if he would pretend to be her boyfriend so the family will think she has moved on.  Bowen decides Langston would be perfect as his partner for the Rodeo Brides challenge.  But their acting soon becomes real and they start to fall for each other.

This was such a fun story and a perfect addition to the series.   I enjoyed seeing how Langston and Bowen finally fell in love.  The story is very detailed, so even if you haven’t read the first book in the series, you will still know what’s going on. 

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