Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Review: Home to the Outback (Welcome to Bunya Junction #1) by Nicole Flockton

Coming home isn’t always easy…

Three years ago, nurse Sindy Carruthers returned to Bunya Junction wounded, wary and shamed by a relationship gone wrong. Welcomed home by her family and supportive community, she now manages the local medical practice and enjoys her newfound confidence. She’s perfectly happy on her own, until a blast from the past in the form of Ryan Flanagan appears.

Dr. Ryan Flanagan—renowned plastic surgeon to the stars—heads to Bunya Junction to pay his last respects to the man who opened his heart and house to an abandoned boy. Ryan’s no fan of Bunya Junction or the harsh judgments of some of the townsfolk, so he’s stunned to discover that his old mentor has bequeathed him half a general medical practice—hoping he’ll stay on and serve the community. The other half of the practice now belongs to the beautiful Sindy Carruthers, his closest friend’s twin sister.

Sindy knows Ryan will never stay in Bunya Junction and become her business partner, and that’s a good thing. Otherwise she might just lose her heart to him.


My Review:

Small-town Australian romance.

When Dr Colin McCarthy passes away and leaves his medical practice to his nurse, Sindy Carruthers, and Dr. Ryan Flanagan, a popular cosmetic surgeon, both were surprised. 

Why would Colin leave anything to Sindy and Ryan?  It didn’t take long to answer that question as I read the book.  Colin had a huge heart and wanted to help them.  But did Colin plan on them falling in love?  I think he would have been happy to know they did.  Neither, Sindy or Ryan, wanted anything to do with romance, but fate had another idea.  Distrust and misinformation played a big role in Sindy and Ryan’s relationship and almost put an early stop to it.  I was so happy to see them work through it and get their happily ever after. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I loved the characters and their backgrounds.  I descriptions of Bunya Junction made me feel like I was there with them.  I can’t wait to learn more about the town residents in future books. 

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