Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Review: To Rescue the Runaway Bride (The Hollingsworth Sisters #3) by Kelsey McKnight

She’s ready to take charge of her future…

Accountant Claire Hollingsworth has always played by the rules, squelching her own dreams to please her father, work for her family’s publishing business and play the perfect hostess for her ambitious fiancé. But when she learns he’s been cheating weeks before their wedding, Claire breaks the engagement and heads to Marietta, Montana, to reconnect with her sisters and with herself. Armed with a to-do list of adventures, she’s determined to break a few rules.

Théodore Deschamps is ready to start a new chapter. He left his successful career as a Hollywood stuntman to open a lodge on Copper Mountain, where he spent summers as a child. He loves nothing more than a challenge, and the strawberry blonde who literally falls into his arms promises to be his biggest one yet.

What starts out as ticking off items on her list quickly becomes much more intense. But Claire has to return to reality in two weeks, and she’s not sure how, or if, she can say goodbye.


My Review:

Letting go of the past never felt so good.

It took a cheating fiance for Claire Hollingsworth to take control, of her life.  Claire was known as the perfect princess, always played it safe.  She worked for her father’s publishing company but didn’t enjoy her position.  She only stayed because it was what was expected of her.  When Claire finds out her fiance got his secretary pregnant, she calls off her big society wedding and heads to Montana to see her sisters.  Little did she know her life was about to change when she meets Théodore "Theo" Deschamps, the new owner of Copper Lodge.

Theo, a retired movie stuntman, is preparing to open his new lodge, when he meets Claire.  He never expected a woman would be part of his new life, but there she is.  And Theo will do anything to keep her happy.  But when the truth comes out about why Claire is in Marietta, it causes Theo to second guess his feelings for Claire.  Now it's up to Claire to decide what she wants.  Will she do what everyone expects her to do, go back home?  Or will she decide to stay in Montana and live a life that makes her happy?

This was one of those books that was hard to put down.  Through the author’s words, I was drawn into the story and I couldn’t wait to see how Claire and Theo got their happily ever after.  Even though this book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. 


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