Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Review: Meet Me in Montana (Property Sisters of Montana #2) by Debra Salonen

She’s looking at her big picture…in Montana

Who swaps a golden parachute in the Bay Area for a share in a Montana thrift store and pipe dream flipping homes with her two sisters? Ambitious former investment rep Amber McCall who’s never abandoned her dream of a career in design. After working as an apprentice under Trey Brandel to stage the Property Sisters’ first project, Amber wants it all – creative career, babies, and forever love with the man of her dreams. Only Mr. Right has one foot out the door.

His sights are set on his dream job…in the Big Apple

Magazine editor and skilled designer Trey Brandel finally has it all – a job at his father’s prestigious art and design magazine, a chance to reconnect with the man he barely knows, and the “big city life” he missed since his parents divorced. His time in Montana was temporary – helping his mom recover – but Amber is impossible to forget.

Is he making the worst mistake of his life by walking away?

My review: 

Incredibly romantic and a happily ever after.

Amber and Trey are both on track with their careers but are taking a break when they return to Montana and work together staging a house for the Property Sisters, Amber and her sisters’ house flip business.  Even though they have great chemistry and a romantic getaway, they both know a relationship can’t happen as they will soon be living on opposite sides of the country.  But life has a way of changing plans.  How will Amber and Trey find their way back to each other? 

Great storytelling and wonderful characters made this a memorable book. 

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