Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Review: Her Purrfect Match (Purrfect Pairs, #1) by Robyn Neeley

Anything is paw-sible…

Ad exec Cassie Wilkerson is on the fast track to a Manhattan corner office when she’s suddenly called to quaint Honey Springs, California. She hasn’t visited the town since she was 16, but her aunt has passed away and inexplicably left Cassie her honeybee farm, her matchmaking cat, Belle, and the job of acting mayor.

But Cassie’s quick trip to sort this out turns into a three-week stay. This fish-out-of-water needs the help of the farm’s foreman and her former crush, Nick Porter, to win over the locals. With a few nudges from Belle, old feelings rekindle, and her former fast-paced life no longer seems quite as attractive as a second chance in Honey Springs.

Then Cassie discovers Nick’s been quietly crafting honey-based skin care items, which could be an ideal new product line for one of her big-city clients. But when Nick realizes she’s been making big plans behind his back, he thinks he’ll never be good enough for ambitious Cassie. Can she prove that a future with him in it is all she really needs?

My Review:

Absolutely adorable.

Belle, the matchmaking cat of Honey Springs, California, is at it again.  This time she has set her sight on Cassie and Nick, who were once a couple when they were teenagers.  Cassie just inherited her aunt Etta’s honeybee farm and didn’t realize Nick was her aunt’s head beekeeper.  Nick is upset that Etta didn’t have enough faith in him and gave everything to Cassie, who never even returned to visit after she left for New York City fifteen years ago.  Belle sure has a tough job if she wants to get these two back together. 

This book was so much fun to read.  Of course, the matchmaking cat got my attention right off, but the story kept me entertained through many emotional and hilarious scenes.  I liked the quirky characters who lived in Honey Springs with everything from streets to businesses having a bee theme name.  I could easily picture this story as a Hallmark movie and I can tell you now, it might be my favorite. 

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