Friday, June 14, 2019

Review: Closing the Deal (The Brides of Blossom, Texas #1) by Lenora Worth

Can discovering her past create her future?

Sarina Gabriel recently inherited a Victorian money-pit of a mansion. Logic dictates that she sell it, but, still grieving her grandmother’s death, she longs to keep something from her mysterious past. As she explores the house, she discovers some family secrets that just might put the historic mansion on the Hill Country map and give Sarina the roots she’s always wanted. But can she trust Drake Dunmore who promises to help her restore the mansion to its former glory, or will he break her trust and her heart?

Drake Dunmore knows a good deal in houses, and in women. He wants to buy Sarina’s historic mansion and develop the property. Confident, he sets out to charm and persuade the beautiful new owner, Sarina, to sell it to him. Funny thing happens. He falls for Sarina and volunteers to help her restore the mansion and discover her heritage. His father and his ex-girlfriend stand in their way. Can he prove to Sarina that he has her best interests at heart?

My Review:

When love becomes the deal, anything can happen. 

After Sarina Gabriel's grandmother suddenly passes away and leaves Falling Blossoms Inn to her, Sarina is left with a big decision.  Should she sell the inn and disappoint everyone in the town of Blossom, Texas, or should she stay and try to fix up the inn that so many people love?  

Drake Dunmore arrived in Blossom to convince Sarina to sell her grandmother mansion.  His father wants the land to build luxury condos on.  But Drake loves historic homes and dreams of owning his own one day.  He hates the thought of seeing this beauty tore down, but he does have a job to do.  As Drake gets to know Sarina better, he starts thinking more about his future and love and less about his father’s wishes. 

This is the first book in a new series and I can't wait to read the rest of the books.  I really liked Sarina and Drake's story.  I enjoyed the banter between them and the way they spoke in rhymes was different.  There was a little historic mystery to figure out and hearing the background of how Fallen Blossoms Inn and the town came to be was interesting.

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