Friday, May 17, 2019

Review: Jenna by Barbara Hannay

Can she keep a safe distance?

Jenna Matthews is a city girl, no question. Despite a childhood spent in the Outback, she's committed to her fast-paced life and the competitive world of corporate law. When her best friend asks her to be bridesmaid, Jenna finds herself in Wirralong and wildly attracted to the best man. A fling? Why not?

Dangerously sexy Sam Twist runs his vast family sheep property and is as keen as Jenna to keep their relationship at fling status. Then the authorities turn up on his door step and Jenna jumps in to help despite Sam’s protests.

She soon learns that after years of drought, there are others in the district who need her skills. Her dilemma? Spending too much time around Sam is perilous. He could rob a girl of her heart. 

My Review: 

Jenna is a hard working lawyer who attends the wedding of her best friend in Wirralong, a town known for being a wedding destination in Australia, where she hooks up with Sam, the groom’s brother, after the wedding.  She thought it would be just one night and then she would be on her way back to the city, but it turns out Jenna’s advice was needed to help the ranchers fight a mining company who has cut off access to their livestock.  No one knows about Jenna’s time spent in the outback, but when Sam figures she is hiding something and she finally tells him, it only brings them closer.   

Sam is a committed bachelor.  He has no plans of ever settling down and getting married.  He is happy spending time with women.  Once he is through with them, he moves on.  But, there is something about Jenna that has piqued his interest.  There is more to her story than she lets people know.  She plays tough and loves her city life, but deep inside there is a country girl waiting to come back out.  

I enjoyed this book.  Jenna and Sam seemed to fight their true feelings for a while, but when they finally gave in, it was worth the wait.   I enjoyed the author’s descriptive writing.  I felt like I had been right there with the characters in Australia.  This book is part of a series, but all of the books can be read on their own.