Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Review: Unsung Hero by Barbara Ankrum

Second chances are Nio Reyes’ specialty. He pulled himself out of childhood poverty to wealthy and helped his Navy SEAL brother’s team recover after a mission went south. When he returns to his Laguna Beach hometown for a friend’s wedding, Nio will need all of his redemption skills to win back the woman he was forced to leave behind without an explanation ten years ago.

Becca Howard has quit believing in happily-ever-after’s. Scandal has ruined her once wealthy family, and betrayal has ended her engagement. She’s done with men or so she thinks. When Nio rises out of the ocean like a Greek god and announces he wants her back, she wants to run almost as much as she wants to stay. Forgiving him is not an option. Getting over him is impossible.

With secrets and family lies still standing in their way, can one long overdue weekend together in Laguna change everything?

My Review:

Becca Howard and Nio Reyes had a relationship ten years ago.  But then Nio left Laguna without telling Becca why he was leaving or where he was going.  So, it was a surprise to Becca when she ran into Nio one morning while out taking pictures of the waves and surfers. 

Nio was back in town for the wedding of some friends.  He was also back to fix up a house for his father.  But, the main reason Nio was back was Becca.  He found out about her recent breakup with her fiancé.  And, because Becca’s disapproving father was no longer in the picture, Nio thought he might have a chance with Becca again.  Nio would do anything to prove his love to Becca. 

I admit, when I first started reading this book, I got a little lost with all of the characters.  I didn’t really understand what they had to do with this story.  But as I read more, it all fell in place and I really learned to like all of them.  I really liked Nio and Becca and enjoyed learning their story.  Their backgrounds were well defined and it created true to life characters that I couldn’t help but get caught up in their lives.  The role reversal of a rich girl and a poor boy, to a poor girl and a rich guy, was an interesting twist.  This book is the beginning of a new series and it started it off on a good note.  I look forward to reading the books that will follow this one. 


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