Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Review: The Secret Life of Mac by Melinda Metz

Inspired by the true story of a kleptomaniac cat who stole his way into America’s heart . . .

MacGyver the tabby is feeling very pleased with himself. His human, Jamie Snyder, has found the perfect packmate—and it’s all thanks to Mac. By stealing personal items from the home of Jamie’s handsome neighbor David, the matchmaking cat brought these two L.A. singles together. Now, while the newlyweds are off on their honeymoon, MacGyver is ready for a well-deserved cat nap. That is, until he meets his cat sitter Briony. Like most humans, she’s hopeless when it comes to romance. And Mac can’t resist a challenge . . .

Briony feels terrible about leaving her fiancé at the altar. When her cousin Jamie offers her the chance to cat sit MacGyver, the runaway bride leaps at the chance to cuddle up with the only male creature she trusts herself around. But MacGyver has other plans. He lures Briony to a friendly neighborhood retirement community—run by a charming young hottie named Nate. Briony and Nate hit it off instantly. But Briony’s still not sure she’s ready for a relationship. And Nate’s got problems of his own—someone is sabotaging his community.

Crazy humans. Why can’t they follow their instincts and go after the love they deserve? MacGyver is on the case. And this time, he’s not pussyfooting around . . .

My Review: 

If you enjoyed Talk to the Paw, you are going to love Mac’s next adventure.  In this book, Mac is up to his matchmaking again.  This time, Mac sets his goal on Jamie’s cousin Briony.

What was supposed to be the happiest day of her life turned out to be Briony’s worst.  She had a panic attack walking down the aisle on her wedding day.  Turns out her body knew Caleb wasn’t the right man for her even though her brain said he was perfect.  Briony left town as quick as she could, heading for Los Angeles to Jamie’s house, to lick her wounds and care of MacGyver “Mac” the cat and Diogee the dog, while Jamie and David went on their honeymoon.  Mischievous Mac, the matchmaking cat, can tell from the start that Briony is sad.  Mac sets out to find her a mate.  After all, it worked for his people and some of the residents of Storybook Court.   This time Mac heads to The Gardens, a senior community that is near Storybook Court.  Along the way, Mac finds mates for more than just Briony and Nate, the owner of The Gardens, he also helps some other residents find love.

I really liked this book.  There is more to the story than just Mac’s match making, there is also a mystery to be solved.  I read Talk to the Paw a while back and fell in love with Mac.  When I saw there was a new book coming out, I couldn’t wait to find out what Mac would be up to next.  Though this book can be read as a stand-alone, I would recommend reading Talk to the Paw first so you can get to know Mac’s story.  I blew through this book quick as it was so entertaining.  This book is perfect for any cat lover or someone who enjoys a sweet women’s fiction story. 

Thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.    

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