Monday, January 14, 2019

Review: Carter's Cowgirl (Quinn Valley Ranch #8) by Melissa McClone

Carter Quinn has one goal—to make his organic farm a success. Working the land leaves no time for romance, but that’s okay with him. He’ll do whatever is necessary to take Quinn Organics to the next level, including hiring a consultant.

Avery Scott loves helping her consulting clients succeed while proving she’s more than a pretty face. Being disappointed and hurt one too many times keeps her from getting close to others, but Carter’s work ethic and kindness tempt her to lower her guard.

As the two work together, Avery’s commitment to helping make Carter’s dreams come true touches his heart. She fits perfectly on his farm, and he can picture them as a couple, even though her job will take Avery away from him. He wants to show her what they could have together, but is she willing to take a chance on him…and love?

My Review:

Carter Quinn inherited Quinn Organics from Ben Martin, who was like a second father to him.  Carter wanted the farm to be a success to keep Ben’s legacy alive.  When he was ready to take it to the next level, he hired Avery Scott, an organic farming consultant, to help him come up with a plan.  Avery was nothing like Carter expected her to be.  She was pretty and smart and Ben couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Avery was used to men looking at her, but she didn’t like it.  It had been a source of problems for her all of her life.  She tried to play down her looks, but men still looked.  She found it hard to keep jobs, so she started her own business as a consultant to farmers who were looking for ways to turn a bigger profit.  Avery didn’t date or indulge in affairs, but when she met Carter, her mind worked overtime.  She wanted him and she fought her emotions whenever they were together.  Little did Carter or Avery know, working together was about to change both of their lives. 

This was a really sweet book.  I loved the dynamics between Avery and Carter.  And Carter’s grandmother was a hoot.  I loved how close the Quinn family was and how they stepped up to help each other when needed.  The story was very realistic and easy to follow.  I wasn’t ready for it to end when it did.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good clean small town romance.


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