Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Review: Uninhibited (The VIP Desire Agency Book 5) by Mel Teshco

Can call girl Anna see past Benedict’s less-than-perfect physical façade to the man who loves her?

Anna was once a spoilt daddy’s little princess…until one fateful New Year’s Eve she is witness to her father shooting his best friend over a botched gun and drug deal. She soon uncovers her family’s nefarious past and despises what her surname, Leon-Zade, represents. It’s a name synonymous to the biggest organized crime family in Australia. She can’t be what her family wants her to be anymore. She runs away and becomes Candy, a beautiful and desired call girl.
Benedict Knight is the first to admit that he’s far from perfect, inside or out. His huge battered body, thanks to his ex-rugby days, isn’t the prettiest to behold, and he’s done things he knows are best left in the past. It doesn't stop him from wanting the most exquisite, perfect escort on the planet, and no price is too high to obtain her. He’ll stop at nothing to bring Candy to his huge cattle station for a weekend and enjoy her all to himself.

Except Benedict knows Candy is really Anna, daughter of a well-known and notorious family. She hasn't just locked her past away, she's locked her emotions away, too. Benedict's new goal is to release all of Anna’s emotional inhibitions and show her that bringing in the New Year doesn’t need to be a tribute for lies and deception. He intends to prove that it’s not just about resolutions…it’s about facing her fears and trusting her heart.

My Review:  

Everyone deserves a happy ending, regardless of their past.

“Candy” wasn’t just any call girl; she was Anna Leon-Zade, daughter or a notorious crime family.  Two years ago Anna was the dutiful daughter and engaged to be married when things took a turn for the worse during a New Year’s Eve party at her parent’s house.  Anna discovered the upsetting truth about her family.  She fled and didn’t look back.  She started working for Sydney’s elite VIP Desire Agency where she was a highly desired escort.  She was happy with her new life.  She had broken free of her parents and the bad people that they knew, including her fiancé.  But what Anna didn’t know was her past was about to rear its ugly head.    

Former Ruby player, Benedict Knight, had his own shady past which tied him to Anna’s family.  He fell in love with Anna the first time he saw her, though Anna didn’t know.  He was happy to finally find her again even if it meant he had to pay to spend time with her.   Everything is going great during Anna and Benedict’s week together on his station when they discover Jonathon, Anna’s ex, has somehow found out where she was.  He wanted Anna back and was willing to do anything to have her again. 

This was another fun book in the VIP Desire Agency series.  I have enjoyed all of the books and this new story is a great addition to the series.  There are explicit intimate scenes in this book, so, if you are shy about that sort of thing, you may not enjoy this book as much as I did.  The story line was interesting and exciting and flowed easily throughout the book.  The author made this another memorable story.  In the end of the book, there was an update on all of the girls from the previous books which was fun to read too. 

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