Friday, November 3, 2017

Review: Christmas at the Graff (Holiday at the Graff Book 2) by Kaylie Newell

When Jemma Banks’ father breaks his pelvis, she only comes to Marietta to take care of him because it’s close to Christmas and he has nobody else. He abandoned her as a teenager and even though he’s desperate to make amends, she’s determined to leave with the frosty walls around her heart firmly intact.

Local physical therapist EJ Corpa is good at three things: sex, snowboarding, and healing. When he lays eyes on his patient’s daughter for the first time, he knows he wants to show her all three. Jemma is beautiful, stoic and guarded. But deep down, he sees a woman who’s longing for a little fun. When she agrees to help with his clinic’s tree for the Mistletoe and Marietta auction, the armor she’s so carefully constructed begins to fall away, and the magic of the holiday season takes hold.

As EJ and Jemma fall for each other, she will finally consider peace and forgiveness. And EJ will begin to see that life’s adventures are more thrilling when there’s someone to share them with.

My Review:

A holiday romance not to be missed.

Jemma Banks was in Marietta, Montana, to help her father recover from an injury.  She never forgave her father for leaving her family when she was younger, but she felt a sense of duty to take care of him now.

EJ Corpa grew up in foster care and never really had a place to call home until he settled in Marietta.  He befriended Joe Banks and over the years came to consider him family.  When Joe's daughter arrived to help care for Joe, EJ had no idea how he would feel towards Jemma since she never visited her father.  But as soon as he met her, he felt the pull towards her.  EJ knew he shouldn't think of Jemma in any way other than just Joe's daughter, as she would soon be leaving Marietta.  But the more time EJ spent with Jemma, the harder it was for him to get her off his mind.

When Jemma heard Joe always helped EJ decorate a tree for a hospital fundraiser, but now couldn't because of his injury, Jemma offers to take his place.  Together, Jemma and EJ come up with the perfect theme for their tree and along the way they discover something they never thought would happen.  They fell in love.

This magical romance will open your eyes to what is right in front of you and help you realize your past doesn't predict who you will be in the future.  And forgiveness is always important. 

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