Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review: A Texas Christmas Homecoming (Whiskey River Christmas #3) by Nancy Robards Thompson

Elijah Lane left Whiskey River under a cloud of suspicion about a car theft he didn’t commit. After a stint in the army and years learning the wine industry, he’s back, ready to develop an elite boutique winery. With backing from a Hollywood A-lister, Eli intends to prove that this boy from the wrong side of town has made it big. There’s no one he wants to prove it to more than Rachel Wilson, the high school sweetheart who didn’t believe in his innocence and married someone else practically the minute he left Whiskey River.

Busy running her specialty baking company, widowed Rachel has no interest in romance—even when her first love comes back to town. Though she feels guilty that she didn’t stand behind the boy her mother persuaded her was certain to become a Barrels ne’er-do-well like the father who abandoned them, she has neither the time nor the energy to explore second chances.

Moved by the star-crossed couple's repressed passion, which is hotter than cinnamon candy and sweeter than sugar icing, a benevolent Christmas ghost, who lives for happy endings, might just be cooking up a delicious new chance for Rachel and Eli. 

My Review: 

This book will make you believe in the magic of Christmas.  

Every Christmas since her death in 1918, Felicity Blanchard returns to Harwood House to help unite deserving couples.  This time Felicity sets her goals on Rachel Wood and Elijah “Eli” Lane.  

Rachel and Eli broke up years ago after Eli was caught driving Rachel’s mother’s car and it was assumed he stole it.  Rachel’s mother made Eli leave town without him ever saying goodbye to Rachel.  Rachel thought he just gave up on her.  So, Rachel moved on with her life and ended up in a bad marriage.  The only good thing she had from the marriage was her daughter and she was determined to raise Katie the best she could and give her all the love and attention she deserved, unlike the way Rachel was brought up.  Rachel lives a modest life, but she has her own cookie shop which was one of her dreams.  

While catering the annual Christmas Ball at Harwood House, Rachel runs into Eli.  He is back in Whisky River and is planning to open a winery with his friend Logan.  When Eli was sent away by Rachel’s mother, he went to work on at a vineyard in California where he discovered his new passion.  He ended up getting a degree in viticulture and enology.  Eli brings his expertise with him to start the new vineyard.  But he has unfinished business with Rachel.  He needs to talk to her about how things ended between them.  Will Felicity’s magic work on Rachel and Eli like it has for couples of the past? 

I really enjoyed this heartwarming story.  Felicity’s ghost made for some unique scenes.  Eli and Rachel definitely deserved a second chance after how things ended between them and I was happy to see them work it out.  Every time I smell lavender, I will be reminded of Felicity and this memorable book. 

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