Monday, May 1, 2017

Honey by J.P. Combe - Review

All he wants is Honey.

On the surface, Marcus Holt has it all. His wealth and appearance ensures there’s an endless supply of beautiful women falling at his feet. And that’s how he likes them – submissive. But when he meets Joanne, the beautiful, petite, feisty woman with hair the colour of honey, she has him questioning the driving principles of his life – discipline, control and no strings.

For single mum Joanne Michaels, the overdue bills keep piling up and her life is a never-ending cycle of work, parenting and chores. She dreams of a brief escape from her mundane life, and a chance encounter with Marcus offers her one. But his sexual proposition comes with conditions. As Marcus unleashes Joanne’s deepest desires, she begins to question if the price is too high and if she and Marcus are in too deep.

Is it possible for a man who’s only known passion to learn what it feels like to truly love?

My Review: 

Marcus Holt owns Australia’s largest home maintenance franchise.  When someone in his PR department says it would be a good idea for him to connect with his clients, he sets out to mow lawns.  He becomes infatuated by Joanne “Honey” Michaels when he is working in her yard.  He doesn’t know her name at first and calls her Honey because of her hair color.  But Honey is not like the other women he has been with.  For starters, Honey is a widow raising her two children on her own.  She is also struggling to make ends meet.  Marc decides he wants Honey and he will do anything to have her.  But he didn’t plan on falling in love with her. 

I enjoyed this book.  Marc’s infatuation with Honey seemed a bit over the top at first, but it soon turned fun.  Who wouldn’t want a man who showered them with gifts, paid their bills and filled their nights with intimate moments too hot for me to mention here?  It was an interesting book.  I liked the characters and how the author wrote their stories.  They seemed real; flawed but willing to go the extra mile to get what they wanted. 

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