Friday, May 19, 2017

A Country Love Song (Smoky Mountain Knights, #1) by Sinclair Jayne - Review

After ten years playing coffee shops, singer and songwriter Sutter Knight has finally cracked the top ten on the country music charts and is winding down her first tour. To celebrate and reconnect with her Smoky Mountain roots, she heads home to Sweet Tea, Tennessee only to discover the historic theater where her love of music was born is about to be torn down. Worse, her high school sweetheart who used to perform with her is spearheading the project. More disturbing–his deep blue eyes and smile still have the power to kick up her heart rate and make her forget her own name.

After college, architect and contractor Dawson Yates returned home for family and to build his business and reputation. What better way to achieve his goals than to transform a damaged and dangerous community eyesore into a hotel that will bring jobs to Sweet Tea? Dawson doesn’t expect to meet strong and charming resistance from the woman he loved and hasn’t forgotten. Sutter might be vowing to stop the demolition and put his project at risk, but soon, Dawson’s more worried about losing his heart again.

My Review:

A second chance at love comes to former high school sweethearts, Sutter Knight and Dawson Yates when they reunite in their hometown of Sweet Tea, Tennessee.

Sutter and Dawson haven’t spoken to each other in ten years when they both left town to pursue their dreams.  Sutter is now a big country music star and Dawson is an architect.  When Sutter returns home and discovers the Sweet Tea Gallery Theatre (that holds so many memories) is scheduled to be demolished, she is devastated.  Then she discovers the contractor is none other than Dawson.  Dawson plans to build a hotel in the theater’s spot.  Sutter and Dawson both have strong feeling about what they want in town, but they also discover what they want out of life when they are brought together again. 

I always enjoy a good second chance romance and this one was just as good as I thought it would be.  It was sweet and entertaining and the nice start of a new series. 

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