Thursday, March 2, 2017

Charmed by Chocolate (Love at the Chocolate Shop #6) by Steena Holmes - Review

When Leah ran off to Southern California, she hoped to leave freezing cold winters and unrequited love behind. She was never meant for a small town life and the timing with her longtime best friend–and secret soul mate–was always hopelessly off.
But after a mishap on the hit reality show Charming, Leah declares her love for Wade nationwide and is publicly dubbed "Lonely Leah." She returns to Marietta to hide at her family's home–from the media who wants to turn her into a human interest story, from the townspeople upset with her blunder, and most of all, from Wade, who wants to talk.

It took Leah leaving town to wake Wade Burns up to the reality that he's head over heels in love with his best friend. But now that she's back home, she's giving him the cold shoulder. With chocolate and a grand gesture, can Wade charm his way back into Leah’s heart?

The Love at the Chocolate Shop series
Book 1: Melt My Heart, Cowboy by CJ Carmichael
Book 2: A Thankful Heart by Melissa McClone
Book 3: Montana Secret Santa by Debra Salonen
Book 4: The Chocolate Cure by Roxanne Snopek
Book 5: The Valentine Quest by Melissa McClone
Book 6: Charmed by Chocolate by Steena Homes 

More coming soon

My Review:

An enduring friends to lovers story.

Leah Morgan embarrassed herself while filming a reality television show when she blurted out that she was in love with Wade Burns from her home in Marietta Montana.  Now, Leah is back home and hiding out from everyone trying to get a handle on her life and figure out what step to take next.    

Wade didn’t realize he loved Leah until she decided to leave town.  Now that she is back, he will do anything to win her over.  But Leah is afraid to say those three little words to Wade, so he holds back.  How long will it take for Leah and Wade to open up and tell each other how they really feel about each other?

This sweet story will melt your heart.  Leah and Wade are perfect for each other, but they are both afraid to say how they really feel.  It takes a little bit of scheming from a family and friends to get them to realize what has been there all along.