Thursday, October 3, 2019

Review: Holidays in Manhattan (The McKinnon Brothers #5) by Jennifer Gracen

They didn’t believe in holiday magic… until it happens to them.

Anna McKinnon is a free spirit. As a bartender in New York City, she answers to no one, keeps what she calls “vampire hours” – and likes it that way. She secretly wishes to find real love, the forever kind her brothers have all found. But love has not only eluded her, it’s burned her badly. Keeping things light is how Anna copes.

David Beren is a high-powered, intense investment banker in the heart of Manhattan. His 80-hour work weeks took over his life long ago, but now, at 35, he’s ready for something more. But what? And then he meets Anna. She’s unexpected – full of light, color, and laughter. Anna knocks him off his game and his feet, and he’s never been happier.

Can total opposites – a feisty, bold girl from Ireland and a quiet, straight-laced Jewish guy from New Jersey – find love at the holidays? With the double whammy of a Hanukkah miracle and some Christmas magic, they just might.

My Review:

An electrifying holiday romance.

Anna McKinnon and David Beren are as opposite as they come.  Anna is a sassy tattooed bartender and David is an investment banker, professional in every way.  Anna is Catholic and David is Jewish.  With these differences, they shouldn’t work, but they do.  And they work well together.  But one thing holds Anna back.  She was hurt by a man in her past and she hasn’t been able to let it go.  It’s up to David to help her realize how good they could be together and that he is in the relationship for the long haul. 

Anna and David are a couple characters I won’t soon forget.  They had real world problems and obstacles to overcome, but when they finally realized they were in love, nothing could tear them apart.  New York City played a big part in this book too.  I could easily visualize the locations that Anna and David visited and picture how the scenes played out.  I also enjoyed the combination of Christmas and Hanukkah together in one story.  It made for a unique tale.  This book really put me in the mood for the holidays.

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