Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Review: Christmas at Sleigh Bell Farm (The Elliotts of Montana Book 1) by Kaylie Newell

It's going to take more than luck to make his Christmas dreams come true

Jim "Lucky" Elliott is the country boy next door – charismatic, handsome and charming. But when he has to drop out of vet school to try and rescue his grandparents’ Marietta-based sleigh ride business and family farm, Lucky faces his hardest struggle yet.

Podcaster Rachel O'Rourke is done with broken hearts, but she can still find joy in other people's happily-ever-afters. When she holds a contest on her show for the best first kiss story, her bruised heart beats a little faster when she reads Lucky's submission. He doesn't have a story, but his grandparents do, and free advertising for the winner is just what he's looking for.

As they start spending time on the farm, Rachel finds herself not only drawn to the sweet setting, but also to the man. But when a real estate developer sets his sights on the Elliott land, Lucky will have to decide if the money means security for his family, or if he'll fight for Sleigh Bell with Rachel by his side.

My Review:

Lucky Elliott always did what everyone expected of him, even going to school to become a veterinarian like his father.  But Lucky’s dream wasn’t to be a veterinarian, he wanted to open an animal sanctuary at his grandparents’ farm, Sleigh Bell Farm.  They had already been taking in unwanted horses and donkeys for years.  But the farm was starting to lose money and when Lucky was looking for a way to save it, he came across an ad for a contest with the prize of a month of free advertisement.  All he had to do was get his grandparents to tell the story of their first kiss, which everyone knew was amazing.  Lucky knew advertising could help keep the farm running a bit longer.  But what Lucky didn’t expect was to fall for the girl who ran the podcast where the contest was being held. 

Rachel O’Rourke’s podcast was just starting to take off and she was excited about her “First Kiss” contest.  She had no idea her contest would lead her to love and a family that would welcome her with their arms wide open.  The only problem was, Rachel was afraid to fall in love.  She was afraid of getting hurt.  As Rachel spends time with Lucky, she learns to trust him, but the future is still unclear.  Lucky could still be leaving town any time.  But at Christmas time, the most wonderful time of the year, anything can happen.

This is one of those sweet stories that you wish would never end.  I think Rachel and Lucky really complimented and brought out the best of each other.  I enjoyed learning about Lucky’s grandparents too.  They could have a book of their own.  And then there were the animals.  Animals always make a book special to me.  The donkeys, Betsy and Dave, stole a few scenes as did Rachel’s cat Lucille Ball.  This book is perfect for anyone looking for a feel-good holiday romance.