Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Review: Goode Over Evil (Crystal Creek Mystery #1) by Leslie Marshman

She left town to save a life. Now she’s back to avenge a death.

Years ago, Samantha Goode was driven away from love, her family, and her past. Now the Texas Ranger is back in Crystal Creek for her estranged grandmother’s funeral, even though it means coming face to face with everything, and everyone, she’d left behind. When a brutal murder shatters her world, Sam is determined to stay until she solves it. Soon she’s knee-deep in suspects, including the family of the man she once loved but was forced to betray.

Rancher Clayton Barnett will do anything to keep his autistic younger brother out of an institution, including sidelining his life to work for their powerful, manipulative father. When tragedy brings Sam back into his life, instead of rekindling their romance, Clay finds himself embroiled in a dangerous murder investigation.

Will old secrets pull Sam and Clay apart once more, or can they rise above their past? And with a ruthless killer on the loose, will Sam’s hard-earned Ranger skills be enough to ensure that Goode triumphs over evil?

My Review:

Goode Over Evil is about a tough as nails Texas Ranger, Samantha Goode, who returns home to Crystal Creek, Texas, for her grandmother’s funeral only to discover her uncle has been murdered. 

There are a lot of factors that kept Sam from returning home and one in particular will do anything to make her to leave again.  Returning home means Sam will have to face her high school love, Clayton Burnett, who she left without a word.  While solving her uncle’s murder, Sam finds herself falling in love with Clay all over again.  But, will it be enough to keep her from returning to the job she loves on the other side of the state?

This book had me hooked right away.  It was packed full of excitement.  The writer did a fantastic job with the characters and the storyline.  I can’t wait to read the next installment in this series.