Friday, June 30, 2017

Product Review: Color Street Nail Polish Strips

About Color Street:

Color Street—inspired by New York’s “City That Never Sleeps” nonstop energy and wildly colorful fusion of cultures—offers a vast array of colors and nail art design, direct to Independent Stylists and ultimately to clients. We believe that every woman can be her own boss, dreamer, and recognize her brilliance within.

My Review: 

I am really impressed with this product.  I applied the strips on Wednesday and today (Friday) they still look as good as when I first put them on.  No traditional nail polish has ever lasted this long.  I am a housewife which means lots of cooking and cleaning and that leads to lots of hand washing.  I also hand wash my dishes.  I am totally surprised my nails still look good.  

I liked how easy the application process was.  At first the strips are soft and can be gently stretched for a perfect fit to your nails but they turn hard like polish a few hours later.  But it doesn't mean you have to sit and wait to do things.  You can do anything right after you put the strips on.  Just waiting for regular polish to dry was annoying for me, so I rarely did my fingernails.  Plus there is no lifting or peeling like with the sticker type strips.  I am glad I tried Color Street.

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  1. They're pretty and sound like fun. I'll have to check them out.

    1. They have some really cute designs and even no design. But the thing I liked most was how easy it was to use them and how long they last. If you go to the facebook page, there is a video with tips that made it super easy.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! They are still holding up good too. I can't believe how long they have lasted.